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Vent Style Options

Balancing airflow is important to all homes and businesses. Your comfort is important to us, that’s why All American Wood has various register models and vent style options for you to find your perfect match. All models and styles are available in any wood species for you to compliment your beautiful home.

Mono Directional Design

All mono-directional, horizontal slot registers and grilles are milled from a single piece of solid wood on our custom-built machines. There are no glued joints to dry out, loosen or crack.

TightJoint™ Construction

Our bi-directional, vertical slot models are precision engineered for maximum strength and durability, while providing optimum flow volume. They are assembled to tight tolerances using our proprietary TightJoint™ design, which is machined after joining, leaving no glue traces to cause areas of uneven staining or finishing.

MaxFlo™ Vent Design

Studies show that a certain amount of air flow performance is sacrificed for the great look of wood in vents and registers. We’ve created our MaxFlo™ bi-directional, vertical vane design to address this issue. Its lower louver count allows more air volume through, making it an ideal compromise between appearance and air flow performance.

Eggcrate Vent Design

Our Egg Crate style is another option for increased air volume.  The interlock design has the added benefit of increasing register strength.  This design is ideal as an active register vent or cold air returns on ceilings and walls, and also works well as a floor register.