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Product Finishing

All products you receive will arrive factory sanded and unfinished.  If  your register has a damper attached, remove the damper prior to finishing.

DO NOT WET your product at any time during the finishing process.  Water-based stains, sealers and finishes are not recommended.

To finish your product, sand all surfaces lightly with 150 grit sandpaper.  DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL as it tends to shed fibers that stick in the wood grain and may foul a smooth finish.  After sanding, use a tack cloth or compressed air to remove the sand particles from the product – do not wet the product to remove sanding dust.

If staining, use an oil-base stain on all surfaces.  If you are using more than one coat of stain, you do not need to sand in between coats of stain.

When completely dry after staining, apply two (2) coats of oil-based sanding sealer to all surfaces (top, bottom, sides, ends, between slots).  Failure to cover all natural wood surfaces may result in product warping.  Allow to dry thoroughly between coats of sealer. Use 220 grit sandpaper to sand all surfaces after each coat – remove sand particles from product with tack cloth or compressed air after each coat.

Apply 2 – 3 coats of high quality oil-based finish coat (lacquer, varnish, urethane, etc.) to all surfaces (top, bottom, sides, ends, between slots) – follow the manufacturer’s instructions on application, sanding between coats, etc.

Your local paint and stain retailer can assist you with selection of the materials needed to finish your product.  Proper finishing is required to prevent scratching, warping and yellowing.